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Casimiro Castillejo-Lopez

Casimiro received his Ph.D. degree in Molecular Genetics at Lund University, Sweden (1998). His research has been focused on functional genetics pointing to understand how variations in the genome dictate pathological conditions. He has been studying the regulation of chromosomes ends (telomerase, transposition and recombination) and the implications in aging and cancer of the so call junk DNA. Lately, he has worked with fundamental developmental biology and the genetic of human autoimmunity diseases. He has been using animal and cell-based in vitro models in combination with leading technologies including: Gene editing (RNAi, ZFNs, CRISPR-cas9), transgenic animals, cell immortalization, Y2H, GWAS, deep-sequencing, transcriptome profiling, expression and lentivirus vectors, flow cytometry and confocal and living cell image. Casimiro´s current research aims to experimentally validate susceptibility genes for obesity and metabolic diseases and the identification of novel biomarkers intending to improve prevention and the development of new therapeutic strategies.